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Creative Strategy

First we discuss simple things like the message you want to say in your video, WHO your target audience is, etc... we talk about whats videos styles you like and don't like. and with all that info we move to the next stage.


We put together a detailed script that has both the narration as well as the visuals that will accompany every line of narration. We don't move forward to the next stage until you are %100 happy with the script.

Storyboard & Voice

We develop HD frames of every scene, so you will know EXACTLY what your video will look like before we even animate it. We also give you a portfolio of voice actors to choose from to be the voice of your video.


Relax, enjoy your coffee. Now we aniamte all the pieces we have amde together into a video for your review. We send you 2 drafts before we make a final animation with sfx and music added in as well. Done!


Wanna see more?

Case Studies

“Describing a complex technical service to customers is a challenge for most sales teams.  It was no different for our sales organization.  So we looked to VideoSparks to create a video that was engaging, concise and entertaining so our sales reps could better illustrate our product.  To date, this has been the best sales tool we have created around our support service.  Our sales reps have received great responses and feedback from customers and prospects alike.  We would definitely work with VideoSparks again on future creative projects. “


Randi Mitev – Marketing at Curvature



We are 2 very crafty individuals with a love for tech, creativity, and spicy wings.


Mordy Rapp

Mordy is 2 meters of creativity and one liter of business. With a background in fine art, film and acting dating back to his teen years, Mordy has developed a unique way of communicating his ideas into fun and exciting graphics. In addition to this, Mordy sports an honors B.A. in Marketing and Technology which drives the synthesis between art and business into his company “VideoSparks”  Check out Mordy’s Linked In profile.


Amir White

Amir has always had a passion for film.  He could recall his days of yore, sitting behind the camera and capturing life, one frame at a time. As he got older, he continued his hobby while pursuing his B.A. in Bio-Technology. During this time, Amir partnered up with Mordy to form VideoSparks where he practices both KungFu disciplined motion graphics and awesome video production daily.  Take a gander at Amir’s Linked Inprofile.


Please reach out so we can discuss how videos can help your company explain who you are, what you do, and why people should contact you.

Fill out this form and you will even be contacted to receive a free video script!  That’s a pretty good deal.

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